An artist-run workspace in Athens where creative humans can work.

An artist-run workspace committed to creativity, cooperation, and the exchange of know-how between artists and designers.

SEKTOR30 is an artist-run workspace in Athens with fabrication facilities for everyone who want to create something new, to experiment with diverse materials and techniques, or commission us to create works. The members of SEKTOR30 have access to workshop facilities and tools, various seminars and classes, and to support for the realisation of special projects.

The studio currently operates a ceramics workshop, casting workshop and wood workshop, with more facilities coming in the near future.

SEKTOR30 was founded by the artists Maria Efstathiou and Ilias Koen. It is located in Neos Kosmos, in the centre of Athens.

Our mission

To give everyone access to a co-working space and fabrication facilities.
To promote experimentation by providing platform for the research on materials and techniques.
To provide technical support and supervision to artists, designers and other creative people.
To facilitate the exchange of know-how between artists and designers.
To provide seminars and fabrications courses.
To maintain an online database of specifications, techniques, and traditional methods of design and manufacturing.
To create a community of artists, engineers, designers and artisans.
To bring together creative people and the marketplace


Who can join SEKTOR30?

SEKTOR30 is open to artists, designers, engineers and other creative people that need access to a co-working space, infrastructure and tools necessary to realise their designs. Contact us for more information. 


How can I join SEKTOR30?

Membership to SEKTOR30 is through monthly subscription, that provides access to the studio space, workshops, and tools. Contact us to schedule an appointment.

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